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Vikame Clan

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Vikame Clan Empty Vikame Clan

Post by Lileth V. on Wed Jul 22, 2015 4:20 pm

Vikame Clan Guild_symbol_redemption___fairy_tail_oc_by_devonboques-d6p5t1r

Clan Name:
Vikame Clan

Clan Location:

Hiden/Kekkei Genkai Abilities:
-Hair Release

-Must choose between Ice, Lightning and Fire as primary Element. (This allows people to choose Ice as primary element.)
-Can't have any element except for Ice, Fire or Lightning. (This includes Water and Wind so even if you choose Ice as primary, you won't be able to use Suiton or Futon jutsu)
-Hair must at least reach the user's lower back.
-Users of this Kekkei Genkai may only choose 2 elements and can't have more.

This Kekkei Genkai allows ninja to manipulate their hair by using chakra. This allows makes the hair resistant and strong enough to use it in offensive or defensive ways. The hair can be used to use jutsus and even block attacks. This however has a downside, the hair needs a huge amount of chakra and concentration to move. This causes all non-Hair release jutsu to cost 20% more chakra. This is why most of the justsu this clan have are performed with their hair someway or another.
Hair can be manipulated to be used as an extra extremity to attack the enemy. Ninjas in this clan are allowed to use their hair as one extra extremity for each rank, this means D ranks can use it as one extremity while B Ranks may use it as three more extremities. These "extremities" have piercing (while not cutting) capabilities and may stretch up to 5 meters per rank following the same logic than the amount of extremities.

Clan History:
This technique moves back around 100 years back. A very strong ninja named Mifune Vikame, a powerful warrior in the land of Fire and from a very little family, created this technique after training 3 years in the wild. He entered the forest and exiled himself from humanity for 3 years. Without being able to communicate with other humans, he trained to make his fire release stronger, but after his first 2 years training, he accidentally learned to move his hair and use jutsu involving his hair. He used his katon techniques to burn his hair and use it as a weapon to defeat enemies. When he returned to his hometown in Konoha, he decided to teach this technique to his two sons Katsumi, his younger daughter named because of her beauty and strength, and Shoichi, a strong kid who was named for his intelligence and fast learning. They both quickly understood this technique and grew each with different paths. This was called the first generation.

Both Katsumi and Shoichi grew. Shoichi followed his father's steps and became a strong ninja in Konoha. Katsumi decided to live in Kirigakure with his husband which he met in Konoha. Shochi was killed in his early 23 in the war and doing what he loved, protecting his village. Katsumi had three sons, one girl, Nanami, and two boys, Jinn and Yuu. He thought her ninja abilities to the three of them, the third generation. But this third generation also learned techniques from their father, Kazuma, who was an expert in Ice release. From this generation, Jinn moved to kumogakure and the other two lived normal lives in their home village. The fourth is the current generation, and it's them who have learned from fire to water and now lightning.

The Vikame Clan is now a big clan living Kumogakure and a small portion in Kirigakure. Jinn is the only known of the three brothers, he is known for his powerful jutsu and time i the army. He has a very big family. He is a very reach person who does what he wants and is now a politician. Also, he has many wives, which he gives a house each, and is still alive in the age of 72 with about 18 wives and many kids, but only a few strong enough to use this clan's technique.

Clan Members:
Kumogakure Clan Leader: Jinn Vikame

4th Generation Clan Members:
-Yuri L. Vikame

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Vikame Clan Empty Re: Vikame Clan

Post by Atarashi Uchiha on Wed Jul 22, 2015 4:38 pm

Accepted but....thunder is the sound.....lightning*.
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Vikame Clan Empty Re: Vikame Clan

Post by Lileth V. on Wed Jul 22, 2015 4:42 pm

Changed I think  Razz thanks
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Vikame Clan Empty Re: Vikame Clan

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