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Post by V on Mon Aug 10, 2015 9:26 pm

- This will be the spar between me and Kotetsu  Only he and I can post here -

Kumogakure was a tech-society, ruled by policies that regulate all forms of media and communication through oppressive government technology. This regime, established by decades by the "The Lord", known favorably as Sama-sama, seeks to completely control all aspects of modern Kumogakure's politics, economy, and society for a completely stable and cohesive village. Only under the direction of the man who will inherit the Sage of Six Paths' legacy can Kumogakure become the most prosperous village in the world. However, a man had requested a spar with the iron-will Raikage. Although the duel was agreed to, like all private fights, Sama's Kumo will make it as it never happened in the first place....

That moustache, curved across the line above his uppter lip. Boasting a dark texture, it was raised by Sama's light smile as he awaited his challenger to enter the battlefield. The setting was in a rather spacious chamber - the walls built by an extremely durable glass and padding that is also chakra resistant. There were no obstacles in the way. No one else would be watching the fight. It was the military tyrant, the Father of a communist nation, and a mere ninja of the Cloud. Sama had his own reasons for accepting this fight, taking away some of his time when he could continue to lift Kumo from the epidemic of poverty and into its place under the sun. The evil man wore a white military attire under his overbearing black cloak, which has become something of a trademark of his. His scimitar was tucked in and Sama's powerful body presented itself. It was time that he taught somebody a lesson.

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