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Kazuma Hyuga

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Kazuma Hyuga

Post by Kazuma Hyuga on Sat Jul 18, 2015 9:45 pm

Name:Kazuma Hyuga


Clan or Family Heritage: Hyuga Clan


Personality:Kazuma is only loyal to his clan, constantly training around the vilage made him feel as if they had a strong bond as brothers. while he is still getting used to the shinobi ways that n the village he answers anyone with a higher ranking of him with a sir or a ma'am. even if they are younger then him.the only thing he believes in is his clan. the one who he believes will never betray him
Village: Konoha,


Classification: N/A

Fame Ranking:C rank


History:growing up he was led to believe that the taijutsu used by the Hyuga was absolute. He rained daily in the arts of the Gentle Fist style previously mastered by his ancestors but he felt uneasy. On one of the birthdays of a fellow Hyuga Child there was a demonstration of a clash between the hyuga taijutsu and a regular shinobis taujutsu which peaked Kazuma's intrest. After the battle ended the hyuga laid on the floor dead while the shinobi walked away without any harm. On that day he swore to master and create a new form of taijutsu for the Hyuga's
Chakra Natures:

Kekkei Genkai :Byuakugan

Kazuma Hyuga

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Re: Kazuma Hyuga

Post by Atarashi Uchiha on Sun Jul 19, 2015 12:18 am

Atarashi Uchiha
Atarashi Uchiha

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