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Izanagi [done]

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Izanagi [done]

Post by Jaykay on Sat Jul 18, 2015 2:06 pm

Name: Izanagi Fujiyoshi

Gender: Male

Clan or Family Heritage: Fujiyoshi

Age: 21


Personality: Izanagi is a dedicated young adult who always works hard and completes his task to the fullest, including cleaning and wiping off dust to the smallest speck. He is careful and detail-orientated which makes him an adept warrior. He is well known for his massive work ethic and effort, which allowed him to rise up in the ninja world. He can sometimes be seen chiding on academy students and a few genin, as he is an instructor at the academy, He cares a lot about his family and village. Izanagi is proficient at gathering information.

Village: Konoha

Rank: Chunin

Classification: None

Fame Ranking: B

Affiliations: Konoha

History: Izanagi grew up in Konoha aspiring to be one of the most soldiers out there. He sought fame and fortune, to make his name for himself to escape the grasp of poverty and misfortune. He thought that the magic of shinobi would allow him to reach beyond human levels, which inspired him to work hard to succeed. In the Academy, he had his days of struggle and slack, but he picked up the pace and brought himself up that he graduated in two years. Away from the Academy, he began his life as a genin. In preparation for the chunin exams, Izanagi prepared voraciously. He studied as much as he could on the Genin of the world through info cards, especially on his fellow villages men. His preparation, work ethic, and fighting spirit allowed him to be ranked up to be chunin. He is happy as he is - a hard-working young man who held his own against the worst of life.

Chakra Natures: Water

Kekkei Genkai : None


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Re: Izanagi [done]

Post by V on Wed Jul 22, 2015 8:16 pm



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