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Sukaretto Chishiki-W.I.P Empty Sukaretto Chishiki-W.I.P

Post by Scarlet on Sun Jul 26, 2015 3:27 pm

Name: Sukaretto Chishiki

Gender: Female

Clan or Family Heritage: Chishiki

Age: 24


Sukaretto Chishiki-W.I.P Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTeLrE-PX2hKcmNfmYed_nzm-HvSCcpJXpKza0nVOnFaDKl7xzp


Sukaretto is, at heart, a self-centred person. Though still occasionally displaying kindness and a friendly nature, her actions are always dictated by her own interests, her personal gain always the top priority. Charity comes second. After being hunted down for almost a year, self-preservation comes almost instinctively to Sukaretto. She is un-trusting, and keeps all her secrets to herself.

At first glance, Sukaretto appears to be a sly, manipulative woman who toys with friend and foe alike for no apparent reason other than to satisfy her boredom. However, she has her motivations. Sukaretto has a lust for knowledge which is nigh unquenchable, and is fascinated by the art of ninjutsu. She has no qualms against using deception and trickery to get the information she wants. But what drives her even more so is her desire to find some way, any way, to revive her murdered parents. For this, she will take drastic measures.

Though she is not a bloodthirsty murderer, Sukaretto will not hesitate to kill those who she feels are a danger to her. That being said, she tries to avoid things like that, as she doesn't enjoy all the attention. Despite being street smart and elusive enough to evade Konoha for over a year, Sukaretto's innate curiosity is often her downfall, both in and out of combat.


Village: Formerly Konoha

Rank: Formerly Elite Jounin

Classification: Missing Ninja

Fame Ranking: A-Rank

Affiliations: Formerly Konoha.

History: Born into a prestigious family of powerful and influential shinobi, Sukaretto lived her early days deep within the village of Konoha, enjoying a life of blissful ignorance. Unaware of the true horrors of the shinobi life, the young girl grew up viewing ninjas as heroes, especially her mother and father. Those two were her idols, the people who inspired her to join the ninja academy. Every day, she would blabber on and on to her friends about how amazing her parents were, how they never failed a mission, how they were the best ninjas in the world.

When she inevitably joined the academy, Sukaretti immediatly proved herself to be a very talented girl.

Chakra Natures: Suiton, Doton and Katon

Kekkei Genkai : Futton (Boil Release)


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