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Post by Kotetsu Kaguya on Sun Jul 26, 2015 1:33 pm

I have a few suggestions so please bare with me. First of is the Ranks/Stats for the akatasuki. For that I suggest that the leader is classified as kage rank so should receive the same Stats. Yet the other members that start out in the akatasuki could receive the rank of elite jounin.

The next suggestion is for the Uchiha's Sharingan. First off I think it should go by ranks to tomoe. Genin have tomoe 1, chunin tomoe 2, jounin have tomoe 3, elite jounin can unlock mangekyou yet not start with it, and kage level can have ems. Next I think each rank in tomoe earns them different abilities, list is below.

Tomoe 1-Can keep track of things up to 50-75 speed.(you have to remember, even though their eyes can keep track of such speed. It doesn't mean the user can react. I depends on their speed and reaction)
Reaction time increased by 10-
Tomoe 2-Can keep track of speed up to 100-125.
Reaction time increase by 20
Unlocks Coercion Sharingan(has to learn)
Tomoe 3-Can keep track of speed upto 150-175
Reaction time increased by 30
Unlocks heaven and earth mirror jutsu(has to learn)
Mangekyou- can keep track of speed upto 200-225
Able to use limited jutsu.(has to learn)
Reaction time increased by 40
Can only use the mangekyou 30-50 times before going blind.
Eternal Mangekyou-Can keep track of speed upto 250-300
Reaction time increased by 50
Allows user to use Mangekyou techniques without suffering the chance of losing the light in their eye, as well as a decrease in chakara cost for such jutsu.

Oh also, I am curious on if once a shinobi ranks up, do they receive so many stat points to Spend? Or can you only get them through training. If so that would be a little rough on the genin.

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