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Maeko's Jutsu [wip]

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Maeko's Jutsu [wip] Empty Maeko's Jutsu [wip]

Post by Maeko Ikiryo on Thu Jul 23, 2015 10:02 am

Name - chakra Scalpel

Type - medical ninjutsu

Rank - unknown

Purpose - offensive, medical

Speed - n/a

Chakra Cost - 30

Description: Chakra Scalpel is a special Ninjutsu used by medical ninjas. After forming the needed handseals, the ninja will focus chakra to their hands. When their charged hands reach the body of their target, they can extend the chakra internally into the targets body to cut and neatly slice their muscles and blood vessels without harming the surface skin. It is usually used for medical purposes, bur can also be used offensively too.

Upkeep: (if necessary)

Name - cellular activation

Type - medical ninjutsu

Rank - a

Purpose - defence, medical

Speed - n/a

Chakra Cost - 50

Description: A medical ninjutsu where one anticipates the spot the enemy will attack and pre-emptively applies medical treatment to it, reducing damage to a minimum. The user concentrates chakra to that area and begins the cell recreation process even before the targeted area becomes damaged. The technique will continue to heal damage until the user runs out of chakra, leaving the possibility that the damage will not be completely mended when the technique ends.

Upkeep: (if necessary)

Name - underwater dance

Type - genjutsu

Rank - a

Purpose - defensive, medical

Speed - n/a

Chakra Cost - 50

Description: The person affected by this genjutsu falls into an illusion of being underwater. They can breath underwater, but they cannot find the water's surface. It can be used to calm someone down when Maeko is medically operating on them, or it can be used to confuse an enemy during a battle. The jutsu itself does not do any physical damage to the affected party.

Upkeep: (if necessary)

Name -

Type - ( genjutsu, taijutsu, etc)

Rank -

Purpose - (offensive,defence,medical,etc.)

Speed - How fast does the jutsu physically move? (if possible)

Chakra Cost -

Description: (Include weaknesses, side effects, drawbacks, limitations, counters, etc.)

Upkeep: (if necessary)


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