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Yasuo Uchiha [wip]

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Yasuo Uchiha [wip] Empty Yasuo Uchiha [wip]

Post by Yasuo Uchiha on Mon Jul 20, 2015 10:30 pm

for those who see weird html crap, please go to your preferences and allow html to actually see the template. also, hover over the name/lyrics part for a voice sample <3

Yasuo Uchiha
A wilted flower hissed, "No more emotions, no more emotions, as my heart has spewed out a grievous evening." Crying on and on that "I can't find them," I'm still searching for my emotions. Please tell me, darling, darling, darling, if a telephone never rings, where is its life headed?
Voice Sample


CV: Kaji Yuuki
male • 18 • uchiha
unlike the rest of his refined clan, yasuo prefers to have multiple things he likes on him, even if they don't match up with each other. He was born with elegant characteristics, and while he showcases some of them (eg. black and red eyeliner to compliment his eyes), others he leaves to their own fate (eg. unevenly cut hair). He loves eye catching colors, and thus combines them into his baggy and comfortable style of clothing, usually along with gold trims. His eyes are a light blue, and his hair a dark blue color. As far as his physic goes, most of the time it's almost impossible to tell his body type under his clothes, but he is actually pretty thin for his height, something he claims is an advantage in battle, but doesn't know where to base it on.

fc: mikazuki munechika - touken randu
his personality is as flashy as his clothing style. he's boastful (which isn't very good for him, considering his lack on ninja skills), and loves compliments. He doesn't just enjoy getting attention though; he also like giving it. Yasuo is as friendly s one can be, welcome to the core, until that is, you do his wrong. He's not one to forgive easily, and can hold grudges for a long time. Sometimes he might even act positively around people he hates, just so the revenge on them can be even worse when it comes. His younger self received a lot of attention, but instead of living up to expectations, Yasuo took it for granted, and was soon pushed away by his family. This was what made him turn to alternative ways of getting said attention, since his pride and stubborness would not let him yield and actually train the gifts he has.
konohagakure • d rank genin • konoha
fire release • sharingan
Yasuo Uchiha
Yasuo Uchiha

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