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Kuro Raimei

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Kuro Raimei Empty Kuro Raimei

Post by Xaviere on Sun Jul 19, 2015 7:28 pm

Clan Name: Kuro Raimei

Clan Location: Kumogakure

Hiden/Kekkei Genkai Abilities-

Black Lightning

Element Info:

Due to the violent and abnormally intense chakra molded into black raiton jutsu they have an inherent “breakthrough” effect, meaning that if one were to collide with a jutsu of equal rank it would overwhelm and overpower that jutsu. The exception to this property is when colliding with a fuuton jutsu which would cancel out the black raiton jutsu equally due to raiton’s inherent elemental disadvantage against fuuton. When utilized through an electrical conductor such as water (in which the target must be partially submerged or in direct contact with) black raiton jutsu bypass any and all resistances against them afforded to the target by clan, item, or other. An adequately powerful defensive jutsu may still be used to defend against the attack however. Any user of black raiton must have raiton as a primary element. In order to learn black raiton one must either be taught it by an existing user of black raiton that is at least S-Rank and be at least B-Rank themselves or if one such user does not exist or is deemed inactive by staff one Kumogakure shinobi of at least A-Rank may request permission from the Clan Leader in order to learn and train this sub-element.

Black raiton jutsu, due to the extremely volatile nature of the chakra being molded, may not be below B-Rank.


  • Raiton as Primary Element

  • Must learn the basics from one who already knows the element

  • Black Raiton Tattoo, which classifies as a weapon


Name :Lightning Kanji Tattoo

What it does : Grants the user the the ability to generate black lightning after the knowledge is passed down to them.

Appearance :

Kuro Raimei Darui-10


The creation of black raiton is credited to the Third Raikage over one hundred years ago, passed down generations of Kumogakure shinobi. It has since been passed down from elite master to pupil in Kumogakure, its symbolic significance within the village almost as noteworthy as its devastating power. Each generation’s shinobi that is deemed worthy of succeeding the distinguished generations of past raiton users, as tradition, bears the black raiton kanji tattooed on either their left or right shoulder, opposite of the tattoo of their master. This tradition has been carried on since the discipline’s first master and student and the symbol has become easily recognizable throughout both the village and the shinobi world as a whole, as tales of the power of Kumogakure’s black lightning and the deeds of those who wield it have inspired awe and fear in the enemies that were fortunate enough to never experience it firsthand. Xaviere however had decided to create an elite group of Shinobi who would have the ability to wield the great power and thus created a clan.

Current Members

Clan Head- Kumogakure's Princess X

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Kuro Raimei Empty Re: Kuro Raimei

Post by V on Wed Jul 22, 2015 6:36 pm


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