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Ningetsu Hozuki

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Ningetsu Hozuki

Post by Ningetsu Hozuki on Sun Jul 19, 2015 8:47 am

Ningetsu Hozuki
Clan or Family Heritage:

Ningetsu is a composed individual with a pragmatic approach to life. He believes that, through well-defined rules and laws, many of the world's problems could be solved. He has an undoubt able love for his village and any who threatened Kiri were subject to his rarely-seen but unbridled rage. As Mizukage, it was not only his responsibility to protect the people at all costs but also to encourage the disparate villagers of the same view. The Mizukage loves complicated jutsu names.

Seventh Mizukage

Sensory Type

Fame Ranking:

Kirigakure, Land of Water
Southern Hermit Waterfall

History: &nbsp;
As a child, Ningetsu and his then-team-mates were students of the previous Fifth Mizukage Mei Terumi. Ningestu's relationship with his team practically mirrored that of the Team Minato, with Ningestu being quite similar to Minato, being practical important member of the team. Ningetsu was born the first of his father's six sons, he would be the only surviving child. Ningetsu, at some point in time, discovered the residence of the Southern Hermit Waterfall. This happened, when still the Mei's student; after seeing the Fifth perform the Summoning Technique, Ningetsu tried to use it himself. Since he did not have a contract, Ningetsu was reversed summoned to the waterfall. There, he learned of and trained in senjutsu. After leaving the Fifth's tutelage, he travelled the world, where he was later called upon by the village council to become the Mizukage. Ningetsu was able to start training his own three-man team for some time until they at least became chunin before his duties of Kage became to much to give them full attention. at the same time, His team mates in adulthood became jealous of Ningetsu's skills and started a one-sided rivalry in an effort to surpass him. He eventually in a pit of rage killed both of his former team mates and gave his anger a reputation of something that was to be avoided throughout the village.

Chakra Natures:
Water Release
Fire Release
Lightning Release

Kekkei Genkai :
Boil Release
Storm Release
Ningetsu Hozuki
Ningetsu Hozuki

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Re: Ningetsu Hozuki

Post by Atarashi Uchiha on Sun Jul 19, 2015 3:50 pm

Atarashi Uchiha
Atarashi Uchiha

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