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Maeko Ikiryo

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Maeko Ikiryo Empty Maeko Ikiryo

Post by Maeko Ikiryo on Sun Jul 19, 2015 5:51 am

for those who see weird html crap, please go to your preferences and allow html to actually see the template. also, hover over the name/lyrics part for a voice sample <3

Maeko Ikiryo
I give water to the trees that shatter my stars. I give love to the roses that shatter my feelings. As long as you can smile now, I truly don't need anything anymore. I will look at the sky again, I will look at your sky, where you reside, even if "what is essential is invisible to the eye".
Voice Sample


CV: Nabatame Hitomi
female • 26 • ikiryo
mae is a very feminine looking person. a bit too feminine for her own tastes. she has delicate and slightly sharp face features, and quite a curvy body, with average height to go with it. Her eyes are a dark shade of green that likes to play with the light all the time, making the dark green seem light when in broad daylight, and almost brown when in the dark. Her face is framed by lightly curled golden locks of hair, that reach down to her waist.

fc: vivian - tsubasa no oka no hime
growing up in an environment where she had to constantly be on the move and interact with strangers almost every day, she has developed a strong sense of responsibility. She's someone who will keep her promises, and will stay strongly loyal (unless a far better opportunity arises). She's dependable and can act as the bold and daring one if no one else in the group takes up the role. Sometimes she can also be a bit too bold, which results in bad situation. But there's always a solution to everything and she's good at finding those too.

Mae is not one to hold long time grudges. She usually either forgets them, or convinces herself that, whatever it was, it was just a misunderstanding and she dismisses it. For as responsible and righteous as she might seem to be at first, she's also extremely caring of people. Her optimistic tendencies make everyone look innocent in her eyes, if she tries hard enough. if an opportunity to help anyone in need arises, she's first on the line to take up the task.

She's more of a secondary role most of the time, thinking of others before herself, so when attention is directed towards her individually, she loses whatever confidence she has, becoming somewhat confused and shy. Not the extremely type of shy, but she will do whatever she can to redirect the attention away from her again, usually by changing the subject or laughing it off.
kumogakure • special jounin • A rank • medical nin • kumogakure affiliated
Maeko's family consisted and consists of three people: her father, her mother and her. She never knew any other members of the Ikiryo family, and her parents aren't very open to the subject either. The three of them have been traveling for as long as she can remember, due to her parents' work (her father is a herbalist and her mother a jewelry merchant). At first it was difficult for her to adjust to the whole "changing homes" deal, but soon she learned to even enjoy it, seeing as she got the chance to explore the world, while making friends from all sorts of places.

With most of her young friends training as shinobi, she herself was confused as to why she didn't get the same education. When she asked her parents about it, they both discouraged her greatly from it, saying that it could only end up with her being like a bird in a cage. The girl, young as she was, was intimidated and let the idea slide off her mind completely. Instead she decided to take up her father's occupation, mainly so that she could help people, but also because plants just oddly fascinated her.

Time passed, she grew up, and so did her views on the world. The shinobi road didn't seem scary to her anymore. In fact, it seemed like the best path she could take in her life, seeing as she could actually heal people more efficiently than with herbs and physical medicine. Still being dependent on her parents though, she asked, once again, for permission. It wasn't granted and in a fit of anger, the girl took off on her own, setting her goal and aiming towards it without looking back.

She soon found herself in a difficult situation. Apparently it wasn't safe for a young female herbalist to be wandering around on her own, but by the time she realized it, she had already been chased and captured by (shady was the only word she could describe them as) people. Her medical knowledge helped her escape, burning a poisonous plant did the smoke bomb trick, but she had already changed her mind on the independent life she had decided on. Thankfully for her, her luck didn't stop there. After a day's quick walk -and occasional breaks of running- through forests and up rocky hills, she reached one of the hidden villages by coincidence; Kumogakure she later realized.

Without second thought, she sought out help and shelter. Maybe her decision to leave her parents was a good thing after all; maybe her true would come true in the end. Her mind was filled with such thoughts. They were the only thing that kept her going in a place she where she was completely new and jobless. She managed to convince a restaurant owner to let her crush at one of the backrooms for a few days until she could find a proper job and a place of her own.

The job part turned out to be a more difficult than she had anticipated. While medicine was not completely non existent in the shinobi community, medical ninja had everything healing related under control. There was no room for a minor non-shinobi herbalist. She kept the backroom by working at the restaurant as a waitress for a while, but this occupation was far from what she had in mind when she entered the village.

Through the course of a year, she passed through many occupations, and ended up as an assistant at a minor ninja clinic. The head took a liking in her knowledge and skills in plain botany and even offered to teach her the basics taught to children at the ninja academy, so that she would not have to go through the actual academy process to take the genin exams. Of course Maeko accepted the offer with great enthusiasm and started training a part of her she never knew existed before; her chakra.

At first it seemed overwhelming to her. It took time to adjust to this new knowledge, and much restrain to keep walking on a straight path. She'd always been someone to research more than necessary, but she found doing excessive research on every inch of the ninja world was not something that would fasten her training, but rather slow it down.

Once she got the hang of the whole chakra deal, controlling it came easy to her. Her experience with brewing medicine helped, since both required precision on amounts. She passed the academy exam with ease and became a genin. Under her personal tutor's guidance -who apparently seemed to completely understand what she wanted to become-, she aimed to become a medical ninja, not caring much about the other fields of shinobi skills.

Like all genin, she was assigned to a team, which was a bit awkward seeing as she was only a few years younger than the team leader and several years older than her teammates. But she somehow managed and even proved to be quite a talent as a ninja, especially when it came to anything related to chakra control. While she didn't fight all that much, her healing abilities were notable and well-known by the people around her. She quickly climbed the ladder of ranks and went on to become a special Jounin, specializing in the medical field. Her lack of skill in other areas is almost completely ignored by others, since she almost touches an elite level of skill in her field.
yin release • no kekkei genkai
Maeko Ikiryo
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Post by Maeko Ikiryo on Mon Jul 20, 2015 10:35 am

Maeko Ikiryo
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