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The Lord, His Majesty

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Post by V on Fri Jul 17, 2015 8:23 pm

The Lord, His Majesty  Quincy_boss_juha_bach_by_drake___666-d5hetj7
Name: Sama

Nickname/Alias: Sama-sama, Ou-sama, The Messiah, The Lord

Gender: Male

Clan or Family Heritage: Rikudou Sennin's Blood Lineage

Age: 60

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Personality: When one looks at Sama, one will without a doubt recognize an evil man. The Raikage is a ruthless and cruel tyrant, and rules with an iron fist. He's a totalitarian ruler and a military dictator, and wishes to have absolute subjugation and control over Kumogakure; in government, economy, society, culture, lifestyle, and way of thinking. Sama demands unquestioned loyalty from his people and subordinates, and a personal duty to sacrifice one's self for the good of the state, rather than for the good of one's self and their personal desires. As a totalitarian dictator, he employs the stereotypical methods; Sama establishes a secret police force, censorship of the press, propoganda, and foreign persecution to accomplish his goal of attaining full control of the village. He has even changed the education system of the Ninja Academy, brainwashing children with rewritten-historical books and a "revised" education policy in order to build Kumogakure into his idealogical perfect village. He has established a "Reign of Terror" among his own people to encourage them to follow his laws and word. Sama sets, glorifies, and justifies the goals, aims, and actions of the government. He sees himself as a symbol of the government and the ultimate authority in Kumo. Sama has a one-party rule, there's only one political faction in Kumogakure and he is at the head of it. He'll not hear of anyone that questions his ideals, rules, or laws. Sama places huge emphasis on nationalism and militarism to better Kumogakure's military strength, economic strength, and quality of society. Sama also sees himself as the smartest man in the village, therefore not only does he get to make the final decision, but his decision is always the best and right. However, he can be persuaded and influenced by people who he calls "smart men", mostly members of his government, without killing them for having a different approach. He's very self-centered almost nearly to the point that it borders on narcissism, stubborn, arrogant, brutal, cruel, cold, and calculating.

As part of his dictatorship, Sama loves to glory himself. He views himself not only as a savior, hero, or even the father of Kumogakure, but also
as a god, and he expects the citizens of Kumo to share that view just as much, too. He wants the people to worship him as a divine figure, as one would expect from a descendent of the Rikudou Sennin, the "Son of the Messiah" or the reincarnation of the Messiah himself. He is so immersed in this perspective that he has even discarded his real name, erasing it from the context of history, and renamed himself as "The Lord" (Sama), not only convincing the people to see him as a god but to help him exercise his will. As such, he has created a massive cult of personality around himself. Littered everywhere in Kumogakure are propoganda posters that glorifies Sama as a savior and the greatest person to grace Kumogakure, loved by everyone; children, women, and men. Sama himself had these posters describe all of his good deeds to the people and portray himself as even greater than the "Sun". As part of his campaign to godhood, Sama has little feelings of regard for his subordinates; assistants, shinobi-men, and even soldiers of the police force. He does not care for any of them and only expects them to sacrifice their lives for him, who embodies the state. Therefore, by obeying Sama, they're preserving the good of the state. Even his closest and best men are merely objects to him, and although he places his confidence in them, they don't really mean anything to him. The only people he does display close feelings with are those who he considers his "successors". These people are those who have tremendous power potential that can be unlocked and can be used to not only serve Kumogakure in times of war but also to substitute Sama himself.

Sama is an oppressive ruler and a terrible mass murderer. Sama is paranoid and trusts no one. He still believes that there are assassins among him and that even government officials in his inner circle are against him ever since the Revolution. This lack of trust has led him to massacre thousands of his own people. By spreading police terror, anyone who is suspected of defying Sama's word or even questioning his policies are tried, and then condemned to be hang, lynched, or simply executed brutally and violently. The people sentenced to death are people who Sama informs through propoganda are enemies, traitors, and destroyers of Kumogakure simply because they were suspected of scheming to assassinate Sama, seize control of Kumo, and revert them back to its previous, desolute stage. He has murdered so much of his own people that he has created a list of various types of death sentences of how people can be killed. It's incredibly dangerous to be suspected of treason by Sama. Just him considering if someone is against him or not is enough to cause people to commit suicide, because not only will they suffer a horrible death, they'll be completely humiliated, tortured, and defamed/denounced by Sama before they die. His lack of regard of others shows in how he operates. His closest adjutant can be condemned to die the next die after one, small mistake. Telltale signs of suspicion could be that adjutant being uninvited to a party or a meeting despite always being invited to this kind of stuff. His secret police, the Shintenshi Naiji, are equally regarded the same way. The head of the secret police one day can be killed and swiftly replaced the next day if Sama suspects them of plotting against him.

Sama is a powerful orator and radical, which explains how he was able to hold on to the ideals of the Revolution as well as his position for so long. He's passionate, charismatic, and can communicate with the people. He can show a good side while hiding his true, evil side. His speeches are nationalistic and put a huge inspiration in his citizens, who are hoping for a better future and for Kumogakure to be the best village in the world. Through his speeches he's able to convince people to "give him their heart". Sama labels Kumogakure citizens as the "master race" and superhumans in both the physical body and mental intellect. He has spawned many youth groups with an education system designed to improve the next generation according to his standards. As a self-proclaimed god, Sama believes that he is the strongest ninja in the village, if not of all time, and acts confidently and rigidly. He would ride into battle alone, at the head of the helm, inspiring his men and leading them to battle at the front lines. Sama's goal is to unify ALL of the ninja villages and build a vast multi-national shinobi empire under Kumogakure ideals, and that empire will slowly mix into one and be large and powerful enough to overthrow all of the Daimyos of the ninja nations, thus creating a world dictated by the military with Sama at the utmost top, thus truly conquering the world. So yeah, world domination.

Rank: Raikage

Classification: N/A

Fame Ranking: S

Affiliations: Kumo, Rikudou Sennin

Note: As Sama has thrown away his real name, it'll not be used in his history, but rather his current name.
Genesis: The Beginning:
Sama was born during a time when Kumogakure enjoyed immense prosperity, the last years of the "Golden Age". His parents instilled in him a great sense of nationalistic pride, telling Sama that Kumos are the best people on the planet. His parents did not raise him to be a ninja, rather the heir to his father's toy store. But deep down, he really wanted to become a ninja. A warrior. So he was sent to the Academy at age 4 to study Ninjutsu. It was then did Sama experience the first significant change in his life. One day, a small riot broke out between civilians and the ninja. The civilians were unsatisifed with the way the Kumogakure ninja were treating civilians. The riot was put down within a matter of hours. After that, the atmosphere of the civilians began to grow sinister, and discrimination against ninja skyrocketed. Sama was one of the ones to receive the blunt of this hatred. He witnessed at a young age the hatred of the civilians. Eventually, the civilians mounted a small and short war on the village, killing dozens of people before that war was quenched as well. Sama developed an intense discrimination against the civilians of Kumogakure, and sided with the village's military; the shinobi. How could the people revolt against each other and kill so many? This hostility against ordinary people warped Sama's mind and his ideals changed. He believed that the people who revolted were not really the Kumo people, and did not share the same tradition as them. Therefore, they did not have the right to live with them. He believed that since the Kumo people were the master race, all foreigners should be killed. After all, why should the ninja, who possesses the greatest power in the world, suffer in the hands of the ungrateful people who they're trying to protect, people who aren't even "pure"? It was also then did he develop a sense of militarism, and all of this would lead to him oppressing civilians without hesitation later on in the future.
Sama showed average ninja talent in the Academy, with rather crappy marks and grades. Still, he was able to become a Genin at the age of 6.

Ninja: The Son of the Sage:
Sama trained extremely hard as a Genin. He wanted to surpass his human limits. From a young age, he believed that he was destined for greatness. He trained under Reiva, the greatest Jounin in the village and two comrades, Saru and Yaijin, both of foreign descent. Sama had the basics, he knew the generic Ninjutsu techniques, had the chakra control, and stuff like that. Then, there was an attack on the village. Or rather, from the village. The village Jinchuriki bursted and went berserk, unleashing the Bijuu inside. It was then, at age 8, did Sama unlock his inner, true power. The exposure to the Bijuu's presence awakened Rikudou Sennin's blood within him, and immediately a massive amount of chakra flowed from his body, leaking out to the public. The ninja took advantage of this chakra to contain the Bijuu.
after the incident, the Raikage took personal care of Sama and introduced him to the hidden shrine in the village, which contains the sacred text and five sacred weapons of the Rikudou Sennin. Exposed to this, Sama felt the Sage's spirit within him rising out. An extremely strong chakra flowed from Sama again, and it was then did the Raikage understood that here in his village, was a pure descendent of the Rikudou Sennin.
Sama started to show massive ninja genius talent. He developed his first element, excellent chakra control, and even had potential in the more advanced Fuuinjutsu. His potential shown among the peers as he bested every Genin in the village. When he saw this inner talent, he got more cocky, more arrogant. He got immensely serious about ninjas that he studied various text to not only improve his knowledge. He wondered if there were people like him out there, as he was a genius seen only once in a generation. Maybe there were other descendents like him, his true brothers and sisters scattered across the world, waiting to be reunited. He grew very curious and insightful, always pondering and wondering. He developed a very high intellect for someone who has yet to even hit puberty and had a cunning to him. By the age of 10, he was a Chunin.
Within the Raikage's inner circle, he was praised as Kumogakure's "brightest", and as the "Son of the Sage".

Sama hypothesized about his capabilities and decided to test his abilities. he underwent a rigorous 3-year training where he did physical exercises each day, for at least 8 hours. When he hit 13, Sama gained a superhuman body, a body that only a handful of people have better.
Doctors examined multiple times and underneath his huge chakra flow system, was also a very large flow of physical energy ratio to his spiritual energy. They concluded that Sama's physical development and capabiltiies are due to the fact that his body cells generate so much physical energy that his strength, speed, stamina, endurance, and durability are so far beyond what normal ninja are capable of. Sama was excited and proud of this news. He was proud because he was different from other geniuses. Other geniuses are gifted because of their birth, rather than their work. But the training that Sama himself personally designed allowed him to subjugate his birth; his bloodline, his inner talent, and control it in whatever direction he wanted. This, he came to understand, was true ninja talent. The Raikage recognized this as well and decided to test this ninja. He gave him an unthinkable assignment. A S-rank mission for a Chunin. Alas, Sama understood what the Raikage was playing at here. He saw him as a dangerous threat rather than a super-weapon, and decided to have him killed on a mission. But it doesn't stop there. It doesn't matter whether Sama succeeds or not. If Sama actually accomplishes this, the suspicions of the Raikage will only increase, and he'll only label Sama as more of a threat.

Sama had a three-day preparation. He used this time wisely. He trained vigorously under Reiva to develop an A-rank Raiton jutsu.
On the mission, he employed this jutsu to kill the son of the Daimyo of the Land of Earth as well as a series of Jounin guardians. Then, he fled back to the Land of Lightning, but not Kumogakure. No, he'll not return yet. he'll make the Raikage think that he died while executing his mission, and then return... to take his power! Sama went to the outskirts of the Land of Lightning, where on top of a mountain, there was a village. Following the directions Reiva left him, Sama went to the top and met a sage named "V". V was once a ninja from Kumogakure, but then learned Senjutsu and traveled around the world seeking knowledge. Sama wanted V's knowledge, especially considering his lineage.

Sama trained under V for four years. He was able to build his chakra levels to the point that it easily rivaled any Jinchuriki's. He developed his secondary affinity, the Fuuton element. He perfected his chakra control and elemental control, allowing him to use elemental Ninjutsu to higher levels while using the minimum amount of chakra possible, a feat that only a few ninja in the world can replicate. He learned one S-rank jutsu and created his own techniques. Sama loved jutsu creation, and perfered to use his own techniques and his own power.
Sama was able to use his attuned physical energy to his advantage when V helped him create his "Cell" technique. By using chakra, he can manipulate the physical energy that comes from his cells to increase his physical strength, speed, and durability. Sama took great pride in this ability, for it was the only Ninjutsu technique that he created out of his bloodline ability. But he knew that he had to have great physical stature as well. Every day, he'd do backstands on top of a mountain and sweat uncontrollably, until he'd build his strength, speed, durability, reflexes, endurance, and stamina to the point that he can fight competitively with the Raikage, or just anyone in general.
Then, V taught him Kenjutsu. He taught him the basics, the foundations, for without the foundations, swordsmanship cannot exist.
In addition to jutsu training, V imparted his knowledge on Sama. Sama came to understood various things about the world and history, of Rikudou Sennin, his sons, the Juubi, the Senju and the uchiha, how fairy tales came to be, how the wars were always so brutal, and how the ninja system began. V gave Sama a reason for existence and suggested to him that although the world may be bleak, that he may be the reincarnation of the Sage and that he can change the world for the better.

New ideals emerged. Sama decided that as the descendent of the Sage, no as the reincarnation of the Sage himself, that he needed to dominate the world and stop on top of it. He'll merge the ninja villages into one great ninja empire, organize it under an effective system of government, unify cultures and traditions, and eventually, he'll be able to do away with all the wars in the world. And to start, he will take over Kumogakure. One day, V said that he no longer had anything left to teach Sama. Sama left and began his return to Kumogakure, but not without taking a new identity. His current identity has died. it no longer means anything to him. He'll assume a new identity, a new life. He'll be known as "Sama", or "the Lord".

A New Man! Sama is Born:
Sama decided to name himself after the prefix of what everyone adds to address a superior. By using that name, he'll be known as superior to all, a God. When he returned to the village, he hardly recognized his home. Everywhere there was depression and oppression. The civilians and lesser ninja were neglected, and the economy suffered major inflation. There was a new Raikage in town, and a terrible one. The current Raikage was a cruel dictator. He found out that the previous Raikage had eradicated all documents and existence of Sama's previous identity, even deporting his parents. Sama saw opportunity in this. He introduced himself to the Raikage's advisors as "Sama" and manipulated him to make a new profile of him as a Jounin without asking any question. Now a Kumogakure ninja again, Sama joined the Jounin circles and resumed his ninja life. By the time he was 30, Sama had the most impressive mission record in Kumogakure. 187 S-ranks, 598 A-ranks, 698 B-ranks, 5 C-ranks, and 4 D-ranks. It was because of this record that he caught the eye of the Raikage, who acted as a king and ruled as a tyrant. When they met, Sama intrigued the Raikage very much. He appointed Sama as the Jounin-Commander of the village and even gave him special privileges to access the ANBU records. Sama was now part of the Raikage's inner circle and part of the Advisory council. Sama began to undertake illegal activities. He explored kinjutsu. Through that, he learned various Fuuinjutsu and barrier Ninjutsu. By his own studies, he was able to develop his own Fuuinjutsu and barrier Ninjutsu, ones that are capable of restricting and sealing a Bijuu. This, he knew, would be a great power once he attains power. He also created his own Juuinjutsu.

As he was aiming for the title of Raikage, he decided that he'd take the time to decide what government he'd run it on. Obviously, he'd have to plan a major revolution in Kumogakure. After that revolution, he'd be the leader of the radical party. In order to unite the villages into an empire, he'd have to have full power and control over his village, Kumogakure first. So, he'd turn Kumogakure totalitarian. In a span of two years, he devoted to politics. He went on to speak in many places and made very strong, nationalistic speeches. Eventually, the vast majority of the citizens of Kumogakure realized that they cannot live this way under the Raikage's rule any longer. They are fed up with the oppression, the neglect, the failing economy, and people dying by the masses each day from hunger and poverty. Numerous riots broke out in Kumogakure but every time the military had to put them down. The Raikage tried to have Sama arrested, but it was too late. He had the people on his side, chanting his name. Even the military began to doubt the Raikage. Everything was fallen right as Sama planned. He rounded about a large army of men who shared his idea of overthrowing the Raikage. A sudden coup d'etat, quick and efficient. Sama had no doubt that he'd be able to succeed. After all, he had not just trained himself to be the Raikage, but to be the God of the Shinobi, the strongest ninja in existence. So, Sama launched an attack on Kumogakure.

The Revolution Begins:
The Kumogakure Revolution was a bloody and a rather long one, which Sama did not expect. Sama thought that with the civilians on his side and the majority of the ninja on his side, he'd be able to swiftly take over the government. but the Raikage had the village's greatest weapons, jutsu, and of course; the Bijuu. The war lasted for nearly 7 years. The Raikage's forces hounded down on civilians while Sama's army tried to fight back. Tens of thousands of casualties emerged. in the end, Sama had to strategically maneuver around the Bijuu and attend to the Raikage in an one-on-one battle. So, he perfected his curse seal, his "mark", the Holy Sage Curse Seal. and branded it on 6 devouted followers. The marks turned them into powerhouses. Sama taught them the barrier and Fuuinjutsu he developed. With that, the Bijuu threat was contained.

Sama confronted the Raikage in his own vast chamber. The Raikage had expected Sama to arrive. After they mocked each other and traded threats, they went to battle. The Raikage's bloodline ability to manipulate natural lightning, added on with the treasures of Rikudou Sennin, proved to be immense. But Sama had already analyzed all of the Raikage's techniques and was able to counter all of them. In the end, Sama branded the Raikage with his seal, to slow him down. In that state, Sama simply zapped the Raikage until he became nothing more than a near burned-out corpse. He decapitated him, showed the head outside to the people of Kumogakure, and listened on to the hoorahs! and victory crys from everyone.

But the Revolution has not ended. Rebuilding of the damage to the village needed to be done. The economy needs to be fixed. Kumo's culture and social values needed to be restored. And a Raikage was needed. A handful of political parties emerged for the title of the Raikage. But Sama was not worried. The people wanted a radical to restore Kumogakure to its former glory, and Sama was at the head of the most radical, most powerful party in all of the village, just as he had wanted. In a year, Sama was able to rewrite the history of his life. He introduced himself as "Sama", as 'The Lord", the one and only true savior to the Kumo people, and the reincarnation of the Sage of Six paths. Thus, he was the only one with the right to rule over the ninja and the only person who can change the ninja world. He made a point that there are no other heroes in Kumo other than him. He was the long-behold Messiah to not just Kumo, but also the entire ninja world. He was the answer to the people's pleas for help. He had his followers address him as "Sama-sama". In doing so, he appeared as a god before the citizens; civilians and ninja alike, a true divine figure sent from heaven to save them. Sama stirred extreme nationalism and made many promises. First on his list was that he promised that he'll create a Kumogakure with only Kumogakure people, with only Kumogakure ideals, and with only Kumogakure pride. It didn't take long for the people and the Daimyo to decide. On his 40th birthday, Sama became the Raikage.

The Raikage Reforms. Kumogakure Turns Totalitarian
Power, at last. He started with the economy. To fix the economy, he had to loosen the previous Raikage's anti-capitalistic policy and allow a bit of free trade between villagers. This allowed the economy to steadily grow back. He sponsored massive public-works projects, particularly on the rebuilding of Kumogakure as well as the erection of glorious statues in his name, so that many people would have jobs. The problem with inflation came. He raised taxes by a moderate amount, and placed heavy tariffs. He rationed. He passed many reforms to ensure that people are taken care of and that those who need financial aid will receive help. Sama received huge sums of money from the Daimyo to regulate the currency. Then, numerous precious minerals and metals as well as a new agricultural product were found in Kumogakure. Sama seized the property rights of these goods and sold them throughout the world. At last, the economy recovered and stabilized. Sama convinced the Daimyos of other nations to give missions to Kumogakure as well, as not only do they have the most capable ninja, but they may be able to return the favor some other time. The tremendous money flow not only saved the economy, but also allowed Kumogakure to produce as much as it had at any time of its history. In 15 years, Kumogakure's economic status was the best in all of his history.

Sama also restored Kumo pride and nationalism. He was able to warp society back to normal and people went on with their lives. The value of culture and tradition increased as Sama encouraged people to take part in all village activities. And the people did what their god said. It was very lively in the village, louder than even the thunder that roared occasionally. They worshipped Sama as their messiah. Ah, to a foreigner who saw Kumogakure after the Revolution, Kumogakure would be in its "Golden Age".

But then the mass murders began. Sama's paranoia grew so intense that he felt as if people were after his life and position. To protect his village (but mostly himself), he decided that all that oppose him shall die. Slowly and silently, within 2 years of Sama's Kageship, he reformed Kumogakure into a totalitarian state. He eliminated all of his political rivals. Anyone who wasn't part of his party were liquidated. Anyone who he felt shouldn't belong to his party were liquidated. His party, full of followers who see him as a god, was the only one in the village. After that, he slowly implemented a strong military presence under the streets, under the guise that of protecting the citizens and ensuring that the Revolution stays alive and away from its enemies. He established the secret police, the Shintenshi Naiji, trained ninja with his curse seal. The secret police will enforce his law, arrest anyone who is suspected of disobeying Sama's law, and then kill them. He severely oppressed on the convicted vilians, because he hated them back when he was just a kid. Many people were executed each year, accused of being an enemy to Kumogakure. To conceal all of this, Sama used effective work of propoganda to glorify himself and his deeds, so that the people of Kumogakure will not pay attention to the mass murders that was going on in the village, and rather to the religion that Sama created around himself. The people truly believed that Sama was doing good for the village and that the people that were killed really were committing treason, thus they did not doubt him. Sama killed those in his party who he suspected. He killed the head of the secret police and replaced him, done so several times now. He replaced his right-hand man and adjutant. His power of speech was enough to convince everyone in Kumogakure. He used censorship to regulate the rumors and news that come sout of the village and into the foreign news, and even change it so that the other nations will be fed false information. he reformed the education system so that the children will worship him as a god, take pride in being a member of the Kumo race, and work to improve their generation. He rewrote history, such as claiming that Kumo actually won all of the ninja wars, and that it was actually their generosity that the other villages aren't crushed. Within a few years, Sama assumed full control over Kumogakure, turned himself into a god, and completely trapped the village under his rule and influence.

Under his rule, Kumogakure actually enjoyed great prosperity. The only issue was the wars that he waged. Sama glorified war as something that's beneficial to the people of Kumogakure. He's launched a total of 3 wars, and won all of them. To foreign nations, the totalitarian village was the pinnacle of revolutionary success, while on the inside, it was extremely bleak. More than 8000 Kumogakure citizens were killed under his regime.

Rise to Godhood:
He ruled as Raikage for 20 years, closely monitering what's happening in his village and using the same methods he used years before. Sama consistently perfected his jutsu arsenal for any situation that might strike the village. His paranoia prepared him for that much. There was one major riot that shook the foundations of his government. A rebel leader known as Sakagawa-sama fought him head-on with powers Sama had never imagined before. It was arguably the hardest fight he's ever had. Sama barely bested him. He found out that Sakagawa had used the chakra from the many curse seals he branded on the members of the secret police to boost himself. He vaporized his body on the spot so that no one would know that a mortal made their God bleed. So, he removed the curse seals from most of the secret police, killing half of them in the process, and reserved it for only the higher-ups, the elites of the Shintenshi Naiji. In recent times, peace has come to Kumogakure and not much problems plagued Sama. The killing still resumed, and they increased every year.

The tyrant still lives........

Chakra Natures: Lightning, Wind

Kekkei Genkai : Rikudou Sennin's Blood Lineage
Massive Chakra levels: Sama has 20 Chakra more than the average Kage.
Heightened Physical Stats: Sama has a much greater physical stature and energy and thus he has much higher base stats. His strength, speed/reactions/agility, durability, endurance, stamina, and other physical capabilities are way in to superhuman levels. His power is more on par with that of a Senju's than an Uchiha's. Sama has 30 more stat points.
Physical Energy Manipulation: He has control over his particularly powerful physical energy, thus allowing him to manipulate his body's cellular density to a degree.
As a descendent of the Sage, he can handle Bijuu, and Uchiha and Senju DNA well.

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