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Character Template

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Character Template

Post by Ningetsu Hozuki on Sat Mar 14, 2015 11:30 am

Name: ( Japanese please, every character in Naruto has a Japanese name)

Gender: ( please female or male no in between)

Clan or Family Heritage: ( family heritage means last name that might not be a clan like Namekaze or Hatake)


Appearance: ( use a picture, it's easier to work with and less amount of time to do)

Personality: (this should be very detailed as your describing a person, this includes their likes and dislikes)

Village: ;Konoha, Kiri, or Kumo

Rank: (f your RP is not up to par we will ask you to lower change it)

Classification: ( Sage, Jinchuriki, anything of that nature)

Fame Ranking: ( S-D rank)

Affiliations: ( this is where you put places you are affiliated with, EX: Konoha, Sage training places, etc)

History: ( Do a summary of important events in your life up till this point)

Chakra Natures: ( Refer to rules for limit)

Kekkei Genkai : ( only two nature kekkei genkai and only one dojutsu)

(this is just a template, for your application please make a new topic for your application)


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