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Daemon Hyuuga [Done]

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Daemon Hyuuga [Done] Empty Daemon Hyuuga [Done]

Post by Hibari Netsu on Tue Aug 04, 2015 10:35 pm

Name: Daemon Hyuuga 

Gender: (Male 

Clan or Family Heritage: Hyuuga 

Age: 21

Daemon Hyuuga [Done] Dante___dmc5_by_whispers_dai-d5p9ihe

Personality: Daemon is a extreme loner at times. He tends to stay away from people because of his shyness and nervousness. He likes to get to know people from afar before he communicates with them, which in a sense leads to him having a good since of judgment. Daemon is incredibly kind and trustworthy and yet he appears to be lonely and angry. 

Although he tends to avoid human contact when he does interact, he may be easy to manipulate or control because of naiveté. Yet when he enters battle his personality changes drastically he becomes deadly serious while also being protective over others under his jurisdiction. He in addition becomes completely selfless and in a way heroic. Also his nervousness and shyness fades and he is now able to work others in complete unison. 

He is slightly above the normal intelligence of those within his age group. He does what he deems is right, which means his preference for good or evil isn't clear although deems the good side more beneficial. He at times may be stubborn or difficult when his needs aren't met. He is also man whose conversation will leave room speechless. He is an incredibly intelligent boy with a gift for tactics. 

He can be explaining something diversely complex for one moment, and be explaining his lack of knowledge the next. Or even spanning to a conversation about noodles. He smiles with meaning, as he understand how much reason it has. His laughter is well earned, and easy to bring out as his sense of humor is nearly boundless. 

However, Daemon also brings a native feeling of stoic, sometimes staying silent and staring without any perceived thought. Other times, expressing his feelings of discontent and presenting it in the nicest, and if needed, not-so-nicest way to explain someone's stupidity to them. However, one factor that controls Daemon's personality, is his passion. His never ending hope and desire to live, and express or experience everything he chooses to do. 

He will fight for even the smallest thing he believes in with the biggest foolish adamant mentality one will ever see. Even when he's wrong, he will keep on fighting just to see how long it takes for him to lose and to also strengthen others resolves to fight for their beliefs. 

Village: Konoha

Rank: Jonin

Classification: N/A

Fame Ranking: A rank

Affiliations: Konoha, Hyuuga Clan.

HistoryChildhood/Academy Days:

Daemon was born May 2nd in the lands of Kirigakure to a beautiful young lady named Masaki and a strong talented shinobi known also as Daemon. Although he got his first name from his mother his middle and last came from his father both parents being Hyuuga. As he became able to function physically on his own Daemon began training with his father in the way of the ninja nothing to advanced, since that was the job of the academy but enough for him to be on the same level as other kids.

When he became of age to enter into the academy he was not very popular and tend to stray away from the other kids. He would focus more on his studies and did so pretty well being of the more skilled of the students in his class. Eventually he would develop a friendship with others.

One day while coming home from school he would hear loud screams from his home. As he entered the door he would run to his mother's workshop were she was being attacked by a stranger attempting to rob them while his father was on a mission. 

Daemon's first instinct was to rush the intruder attempting to harm his mother and so he did viciously tackling the man to the ground while in exchange taking a heavy hit across the face sending him flying into the wall. The intruder's attention was now turned to Daemon as he would pull a kunai from his pouch in attempt to kill Daemon.

But before he could his mother would jump in front of the kunai which then pierced her chest and ultimately her heart. The man who stabbed his mother would then release his hands from the weapon with a look of overwhelming fear and sadness on his face, "I..m so sorry kid. I never meant for this to happen I only wanted to scare you guys until I took the stuff."

Daemon heard none of the mans words only a vision of his mother being stabbed and killed in front of his eyes constantly being replayed over and over in his head as the intruder fled and tears swelled into his eyes that also accompanied with great sadness and a loud scream which could be heard for blocks away. Eventually someone would stumble upon him holding his mother in a pile of blood. As they took him away from her he managed to glance upon her work station in which she was continuing to work on his father's secret birthday robe.

Shortly after the events of his mother's death he quickly gotten better. Although now more then ever he had become a loner choosing not to interact with anyone. He would only finishing his academic studies because he knew that is what his mother would've wanted from him and that's what he intended to do and did.

Childhood Continued/Genin Days:

Now a little older and a Genin Daemon has begun his basic ninja training and extremely easy E and D ranked missions. He along with his squad became some of the first to climb trees and walk on water using chakra control. While also as well beginning to learn jutsu on a average level. He would, outside of his ninja duties spend alot of time with his father who would began to teach him in the way of the Hyuuga. He would teach him basic stances to thrusts and attacks to even more difficult moves styles. His father told him that when he became a Chunin he would teach him a special move style passed on through their family lineage.

Through training from both his father and sensei and through countless low ranking missions he quickly gained experience and the knowledge needed to become a Chunin so he would, in addition to his squad members join the Chunin Exams located in Konohagakure's Village. Each battle he fought intensified with difficulty and skill level much greater then his own but through using his mind by carefully planning out each attack and skill he would be able to achieve the victory of becoming a Chunin after successfully taking down an S rank mission.

Teen Years/Chunin Days:

Daemon now as a young teen and a Chunin began taking his ninja training even further, now learning more advanced jutsu in addition to Gentle Fist and extreme chakra control exercises from his father. Although as promised his father began teaching Daemon his most favorite technique, Gentle Step: Twin Fist, which combines advanced chakra control and gentle fist. He also starting dabbling in the arts of fire style techniques and lightning style techniques to enhance his physical hits or also projectile strength. He has also made his own additional hyuuga style moves to not take so lightly during this time he also learned the legendary Hidden Mist Technique.

Through using these techniques he would accept and succeed in many powerful missions mostly of B rank but able to also accomplish a handful of A rank missions. Anyone that knewDaemon knew he had great skill and ability that through time he would be put through tests would be able to test his leadership and skills. After several A ranked missions and five additional S rank missions, his prowess in leading became evident as he help to stop a feuding war between Kirigakure and Sunagakure. He was able to be promoted to Jounin with other vouching for him some of which were his sensei and his squad.

Current Years/Jounin Days:

Daemon now a Jounin and the age of twenty has planned to follow in his fathers footsteps by continuing his training to master the Gentle Fist and to keep the clans history alive through the promise of the next generation. His father even giving up the robe his mother couldn't finish.Daemon promised to wear it and never take it off. Even when the robe was destroyed he would get it fixed back to the way it was never bothering to completely finish the robe because this was his mothers legacy... he is his mothers legacy and so his next step was the Anbu Black Ops and that's where his currently is to make his mother proud. He would eventually leave Kirigakure traveling to Konohagakure and become the Hokage's assistant through being and Anbu Captain.

He obtained this rank by assisting the Hokage personally throughout every trial and ordeal. They together have managed to create defensive measure to ensure what happened to the leaf over two hundred and fifty years ago would not happen. He also lead his team to success when they assassinated one of the most ruthless warlord known in Konohagakure, "Blood Demon Saki..."

Key Events: Mother's Unsolved Death, Moving to Konohagakure. Learning Gentle Step: Twin Lion Fists.

Chakra Natures: Fire and Wind.

Kekkei Genkai : Byakugan

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Daemon Hyuuga [Done] Empty Re: Daemon Hyuuga [Done]

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