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Mori Clan Kekkei Genkai Techniques

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Mori Clan Kekkei Genkai Techniques

Post by Akio Mori on Tue Jul 28, 2015 12:26 pm

Name – Bronze Flash

Type – Tomeruhen Kekkei Genkai/Taijutsu (the same principle as the Hyuuga's Eight Trigrams Revolving Heaven)

Rank - B

Purpose - Defensive

Speed – Instant ignition upon activation, otherwise static.

Chakra Cost - 40

Description: The user channels the Tomeruhen through their hands to extend outward in a half-spherical radius covering the user which projects the Tomeruhen Kekkei Genkai of removing momentum from physical or Chakra based entities. Requires the user to extend both hands for use and only covers the front and sides. The user's back remains exposed.

Upkeep: Lasts for a single measure of time or action.

Name –
Copper Flow

Tomeruhen Kekkei Genkai/Taijutsu

Rank –

Purpose -

Speed –
As the technique is tied to the user's hands, the speed is fully relevant to the user.

Chakra Cost -

The signature technique of the Tomeruhen. Upon activation, the user instead of denying the momentum in a physical/Chakra based entity, absorbs it into their arm and can return it back, capable of using an item or their body as a catalyst. The amount of momentum absorbed it limited to how much the user's body can handle. Otherwise, their arm would take severe damage upon dispersing the kinetic energy.

Lasts for a single measure of time or action.

Name – Pale Glimmer

Type- Ninjutsu

Rank - C

Purpose – Medical/Defensive

Speed – The energy moves throughout the body within a time of a few seconds depending on the ailment. If there is a blade lodged in the body, it might tear itself out, slowing the technique or if there is an object beyond the weight capabilities.

Chakra Cost - 20

Description: The user places their hands together and surges the Tomeruhen energy through their body. In such, Chakra and physical ailments are dispelled within the body as there are moved outward. The user must stand still for a moment and place their hands together.

Upkeep: Lasts for a single measure of time or action.

Name –
Golden Shrill


Rank - C

Purpose - Defensive

Speed –
Upon activation, an instant burst.

Chakra Cost -

A blast of generated and compressed kinetic energy is forcefully expelled from the user's hand(s) which can push objects away at sudden force. If the user does not have solid ground or standing, they will be blown back as well.

Lasts for a single measure of time or action.

Name – Glimmer Veil

Type- Ninjutsu

Rank - B

Purpose - Defensive

Speed – A dull glowing veil showers the user within a few moments after activation.

Chakra Cost - 30

Description: A dull glowing veil showers the user, preventing the entrance of Charka based entities within a reasonable margin. This veil does not protect against anything physically based so anything such a kunai or stones will easily pass through.

Upkeep: 10 Chakra per post in use.

Name - Finale

Type- Taijutsu

Rank - S

Purpose - Offensive

Speed – The user charges their arm back for a moment and lets loose an instantaneous attack.

Chakra Cost - 80

Description: The user compresses a punch and throws it, generating several times its force
over and over within and instant and extending the Tomeruhen Kekkei Genkai through the body. Once the punch is thrown, a hazy copper energy is forced through the user's hand at an instantaneous rate with incredible force. If this kinetic energy lands it expells any Chakra entity it encounters.

Lasts a single measure of time or action.
Akio Mori

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Re: Mori Clan Kekkei Genkai Techniques

Post by V on Wed Jul 29, 2015 2:59 pm

Bronze Flash - Please specify the range (how far it extends from you)

Copper Flow - Bump the chakra cost to 50, and please add how you define define the limit of momentum that can be absorbed.

Pale Glimmer - Approved

Golden Shrill - You can only push objects that are in direct contact with you right?

Finale - Add/rewrite the description so that this jutsu multiplies the user's Strength Stat by two times. However, only chakra entities with a chakra cost of 80 or below will be dispelled. And only objects that are in direct contact with the punch will be affected.


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