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Akio Mori - Escaping Penance

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Akio Mori - Escaping Penance Empty Akio Mori - Escaping Penance

Post by Akio Mori on Tue Jul 28, 2015 11:31 am

Name: Akio Mori

Gender: Male

Clan or Family Heritage: Mori Clan

Age: Twenty-Two

AppearanceAkio Mori - Escaping Penance

 Akio is attributed with the genetic traits of the pureborn Mori clansmen. His hair is jet black in contrast to his caucasian skin, his eyes a faded light copper. Akio is decently built within the expectations given followed by the Shinobi arts, his body lanky and tall at a 6'0 standing. He dresses in generally warm clothes as the Winters are long with closer fit cloth grays underneath for when the sun proves too much. No matter how the weather differs, a long, soft white scarf remains around his neck.

Personality: Akio is a man whose conversation will leave room for thought. He is an incredibly intelligent boy with a gift for tactics through and through. He can be explaining something diversely complex for one moment, and be explaining his lack of knowledge the next. Or even spanning to a conversation about of utter irrelevance. He smiles with meaning, as he understand how much reason it has. His laughter is well earned, and easy to bring out as his sense of humour is nearly boundless.

Akio also brings a native feeling of stoic, sometimes staying silent and staring without any perceived thought. Other times, expressing his feelings of discontent and presenting in the nicest, and if needed, not-so-nicest way to explain anything with little withholding. However, one factor that controls Akio Mori's personality, is his passion. His never ending hope and desire to live, and express or experience everything he chooses. He will fight for even the smallest thing he believes for with the biggest fool adamant mentality one will ever see. Even when he's wrong, he will keep on fighting just to see how long it takes for him to lose. He is the epitome of silver, as he has lived through light and darkness, never seeming to corrupt one way or the other.

Village: Sunagakure;Hidden Sand

Rank: Elite Jounin

Classification: Mori Clanhead

Fame Ranking: D

Affiliations: Unextremist Mori Clan/Sunagakure/Land of Wind

History: “I've never been able to think of myself as anything other than a boy born at the wrong place at the right time. There's nothing special about how it happened. So many people have been through worse”.

Akio Mori is a boy raised in the light and torn from its reaches, thrown into an unearthly hell hole full of chaos and bloodshed, left clawing his way through the shadows in hopes of seeing his light once more. During the ravenous civil conflict that drowned out the voices of reason in the Threshing of the Mori clan, Akio was torn between himself. He believed in the potential of the Mori clan's capabilities with their Tomeruhen, as his struggles and successes within the Hidden Sand's academy left him feeling boundless and
commanding. However, it was this exact power in his hands and eyes that served as the cause for not only the loss of his sister, but the loss of his clan. As the son of the esteemed clanhead, Akio was expected to side with his pacifistic father. However, as a young boy barely turned adult and intoxicated at the thought of power, he found himself ripped across the valleys of honour, virtue, and loyalty against the climable mountains of power and status and desire. Having found himself to have fought on both sides, Akio felt himself more responsible for the extended conflict and the intervention that followed, resulting in the near irradication of the Mori clan. It was only a few years post-war that Akio found himself tied to his clan with what felt like a noose. His father, the running clanshead of the Mori had lost his life in a conflict with Mori extremists, covered up as a mugging gone too far. Although a painful tragedy for Akio and his remaining family, a greater burden was then lifted onto his shoulders as the only viable heir for the Mori clanshead, whatever little meaning that came with it.

During the years that followed, Akio broke ties with the Mori clan and settled himself within the Hidden Sand. However, the history of his clansmen and the surviving fragments seemed to have embedded themselves to him, whether it be in the form of a passing comment of a pedestrian or the explicit appreciation of another clansmen.

Due to his natural talent for the Shinobi arts and passion for the clash of arms, Akio quickly rose through the ranks, taking every opportunity that surfaced.
Despite the tragedy four years prior, Akio was never discriminated against. To the people of the Hidden Sand, the event was callous and short, having itself smeared against the greater pages of history. While many took this as an insult, Akio considered it a gift from the gods as he yearned to put everything about his lineage behind him. Never once was Akio ashamed of his clan, only afraid of the tethers it comes with. An anchor that ties him to the duty bound with it. Akio felt that to live a life carved out for you by the fate's decree was worse than anything he could imagine.

“Only when I find myself chained under the weight of my own honour will I have regretted keeping my life my own that day”.

It was never easy for Akio to earn his successes, and it was never too strenuous. His actions were firm, his decisions tight and keen. He quickly found himself adapting to the field of battle in every form, honing a gift for strategy that kept him in relative regard from his peers.
Akio found himself addicted to the missions that sent him out into the field, finding reverie in the clash of might and striking of minds. With little regard to how tight the line he walked, Akio always pushed himself further into the fray, revelling in charging into the maw of the beast and coming out more alive than ever. More than once did he save a life and just as many times did he find himself at the mercy of his comrades. Despite Akio's outgoing nature and stream of successess with his fellow shinobi, he was never one to make ties to the people around him. “Unapproachable”, “Unstable”, “Secluded” were words he found used to describe him. He was never given the opportunity for social conduct outside the occasional friendly invitation for a drink to celebrate an accomplishment. It was a dulling pain that quickly subsided as young Akio had come to terms with his lack of sociability. The sharpest pains were those that existed outside of his reach. A mission flubbed, a comrade lost to the flames of battle. A voice, a face he would never hear or see again due to the circumstances that were beyond what he was capable of doing. Akio never put regard into why he never had anyone closer to him than an acquaintance or comrade as it never stood to impede his progress throughout life. It still presents itself as a mystery and challenge he finds himself unable to discover even the starting point.

Today, Akio's long service
had earned him a place among the elite, a position he never strove for but found himself more at peace than he had in a long five years. The feeling of having accomplished a goal that had been set so far out of his reach, brought into realization with only his own actions and those of the men and women who he had shed blood for. The day past Akio's final appointment, he had closed the chapter in his life that had been stained with darkness for so long and began his next era of a life truly worth living.
However, the cursed chains that had been loosened for so long quickly tightened themselves over his neck, binding Akio into his shadow once more. Two boys from the remains of his clan, those who had left their lands to travel to the Hidden Sand to pursue the same road to success that Akio himself had finally just surpassed. These young lads had been under his radar for years within the Hidden Sand but as news of Akio's lineage fell to them, it became evident where the duty of the Mori clanhead lie. The two young boys had no one but themselves and were reaching a point in life where their lonesome had become an abyss too steep to climb out of. Akio felt the constiction of his dutybound bloodline to these two boys and now stands as their guardian. Akio himself only prays for the day he is finally able to shed these ropes that bind him to a history he had long forgotten.

“Have you ever heard the expression.. “One day, your life will flash before your eyes”? Well.. That day is every day for me. I can only close my eyes and hope today is the day it doesn't”.

Chakra Natures: Fire, Water, Wind

Kekkei Genkai: Tomeruhen/Museigan  ( )
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Akio Mori - Escaping Penance Empty Re: Akio Mori - Escaping Penance

Post by Ningetsu Hozuki on Wed Jul 29, 2015 1:36 am


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