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The Stay in Yumegakure no Sato

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The Stay in Yumegakure no Sato

Post by Jazzy on Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:43 pm

A shadow clone of Oshino tranced throughout the eery, almost surreal looking village, discerning any noticeable elements or different traits about the streets of the relatively hazy area. Other than seeming mysterious, even dreamy, the village looked as though there were little people there. The architecture seemed to be up to date, but was otherwise average, some of it remaining subpar in the male's eyes. Oshino's shadow clones' dark, ebony colored eyes shifted right and left as it dashed from each wooden plated, dark brown roof's edge, chakra applied to it's feet to make travel easier.

Meanwhile, Oshino himself remained within an abandoned, slightly run-down, worn and even tattered home that possessed no visitors other than himself. He ran his thin, slightly tanned fingers throughout his hair, which concealed the right side of his face, with the exception of his jaw line and chin. The one visible eye of his glanced left and right at the electricity lacking home. Half-broken, or completely destroyed furniture littered the soft fabric beneath his sock-covered feet. He sat in the center of the debris, in the one piece of furniture that was not ruined, an initially bright yellow and red throne, which was now bronze and maroon.

A delighted look was plastered upon his features, indicating he was pleased with the appearance of the entire area. This home itself was not a home, but in fact a mansion, a really worn down one. It was on the edge of the northwestern part of Yumegakure no Sato, and typically higher altitude, causing the haze to often conceal it's appearance. Vastly grown oak trees gave the large abandoned mansion an even more considerably intimidating look.

"The Village Hidden Among This village was practically made for the revival of the Akatsuki."

Oshino announced into the open air, the creeks of the elderly floorboards not at all intimidating him or making him alert. He remained leaned back, sluggishly sitting within the throne. He picked up a torn off chair leg, clasping his right hand around it tightly. Shrapnel of wood descent upon the carpeting below his feet as he waved the makeshift torch around. All it lacked was... flames.

The male spewed a small amount of chakra from his mouth, a simply, superheated puff, one might say, kneaded with his dangerous, explosive Katon-based chakra. The tip of the chair leg burst into flames, lighting up the room considerably and revealing the unseen. Yes, he'd been sitting in darkness for the past few hours, talking to himself while his shadow clone scouted the entirety of the village, snooping around and eavesdropping on any conversation it could find. A malicious narrowing of his eyes occured as he sneered cockily, the right edge of his mouth curling upright.

"I'm even closer to my goals... now... I need members.. hmhm... perhaps the Five Great Nations have some sacrifices to make? Though, I wouldn't make a single attempt at Konohagakure no Sato. People sure get brutal when they want the bounty on your head. I wonder if those four I contacted'll respond... now just to wait.."

He sat, strewing his right leg over his left, tapping the sole of his foot against the arm rest. What he wore was none other than the cloak of the Akatsuki, it's format the same as the ones worn by the former nine members, now all dead.


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