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Kisaragi, Oshino

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Kisaragi, Oshino Empty Kisaragi, Oshino

Post by Jazzy on Sun Jul 26, 2015 2:32 am

Name: Kisaragi, Oshino

Gender: Male

Clan or Family Heritage: Kisaragi

Age: 28


Kisaragi, Oshino Araragi.Koyomi.full.1340758

Personality: Formerly laidback, perhaps even a bit lazy. Was once enthusiastic, very sarcastic, and highly observatory. Was that guy who lightened the mood with the shittiest of jokes. Was that person who had a terrible excuse for his tardiness. Possesses a quirky sense of humor, regardless of his old self, or his new, evil self. Seemed entertained by reading romantic novels. Seemed to like festivals, as well as sweet foods, and sleeping for long periods of time. Disliked salty foods, disliked non-fiction novels.

Now he's... to put in simpler terms, evil. He has no dislikes or likes, but is noticeably sadistic. He desires none other than the destruction of those around him, other than people that desire said destruction, as well. He's still tardy, but remarks those that question it with an uncaring, cold tone to his mood. No longer enthusiastic, he wears an aura of seriousness and unexpected actions. It's hard to know what he'll do next. Watch out.

Village: Konoha None

Rank: Akatsuki Leader

Classification: ( Sage, Jinchuriki, anything of that nature)

Fame Ranking: S

Affiliations: Konoha Akatsuki

History: Oshino was born within Hi no Kuni, but not in Konohagakure no Sato. His parents lived out in the woodlands, as they were poor, and could not afford a good house. About two years after Oshino's birth, his parents became relatively wealthy, and thus they were capable of moving into Konohagakure no Sato. Oshino's father worked as a member of the Police Force, and Oshino's mother was a renowned scout. By the time Oshino was four, his mother retired upon giving birth to his younger sister.

Oshino grew up relatively average, and he was told by his parents that he wouldn't have to become a shinobi. Out of nowhere, at the age of eleven, Oshino was forced to enter the Academy. Fortunately, he wasn't the only one who was overaged for the Academy. Him and people he met studied hard, and they easily graduated with above average grades. As a genin, Oshino was extremely laidback and lazy. He seldom bothered to put effort into anything, but none the less his father forced him to train. Him and his father trained together, and before he knew it he was a seasoned genin. At the age of seventeen he entered the Chuunin Examinations.

A problem sprouted about, and the problem was the fact that he had no squad. He was assigned to two random people, but luckily he worked well with them. With ease, his squad passed the first examination, as well as the second. During the third examination, Oshino fought one of his squadmates, an ace at taijutsu. Through strategy, trickery and slightly superior taijutsu skills, Oshino beat his squadmate. Through his sheer wits and ability to stay calm in the heat of battle, Oshino was forcefully withdrawn from the Chuunin Examinations by a collaborative vote of Konoha officials, and after the paperwork and four or five council meetings concerning whether he should be promoted, he received the promotion to Chuunin rank.

Having found love in his life, Oshino was slightly influenced to do better as a Chuunin-rank shinobi in Konohagakure no Sato. He trained hard, growing not only as a person but as a shinobi. He was later hired into the ANBU Blackops, which, because of them, he became further experienced with fuuinjutsu, bukijutsu, kenjutsu and generally stealth things. Upon the age of twenty, Oshino was promoted to ANBU Blackops. He was set to a case that hit home very hard. Upon tracking down a high-rank missing shinobi that him and his team were ordered to kill, he found the corpse of his fiancée, as well as his ANBU team. From that day, he suffered an extreme amount of traumatization, such as PTSD, nightmares, and frequent relapses.

Oshino fell into deep depression, unable to deal with the fact that he felt abandoned. He quit the ANBU Blackops, and mourned and sulked for two years, turning to alcohol to resolve his depression, which only grew greater with each shot he did. Any doctor or psychologist he was given ended up giving up on him, able to recognize that his depression was perhaps impossible to defeat with talking alone. Multiple Konoha officials recognized this change in Oshino. They promoted him to Jounin rank, for the purpose of training a squad of genin. Their only hope was that this would help him cope, and move on.

He managed to pull his way through, sobering up for the sake of the three Genin. He trained them to the best of their ability, later being the reason why they were promoted to Chuunin and became useful assets to Konohagakure no Sato. His self-induced rehab inspired thousands throughout Konohagakure no Sato, and after he sobered up and proved to a majority of the village that he wasn't going to let his past bring him to his knees, people began to believe in him. Most activities he performed he was cheered upon, even if he didn't ask for it. He had went from a pile of shit in Konoha's view, to an inspirational person.

Oshino fueled his recently found passion to do better at life in general by reading up on the former Kage. Being inspired by the renowned "Gods of Shinobi", specifically Sarutobi, Hiruzen, as well as Senju, Hashirama, Senju, Tobirama and Uchiha, Madara, the male trained to the greatest extent. Being well aware he would never reach their levels of power only fueled him even more. The peace times that immersed Konohagakure no Sato didn't stop him from being determined to become a better person as a whole.

He studied the combat ability of each Hokage, and managed to inherit one from each of them, spanning within six years of intense, nonstop training. He trained to match a fraction of the First's stamina, the Second's jutsu creating prowess, the Third's mastery of , the Fourth's expertise in sealing, some of the Fifth's physical strength, the Sixth's versatility, the Seventh's speed and the Eigth's(presumably Konohamaru) chakra reserves. He clearly qualified for the role of being Hokage, considering he had all the social skills, not to mention the power required. He randomly slayed the three Genin that he had trained, which were now Chuunin, as well as his sister. The male, now twenty eight, then escaped Konohagakure no Sato, killing any ANBU that followed.

He walked the path of solitude without emotion. The male had the desire to do one thing, and that was bring conflict throughout the land without a care in the world. In his eyes, he had practically nothing to lose, so why not have everyone else be the same? He had officially lost his humanity, and he found no better way to plague the world by snatching the humanity out of their grasps. Oshino sought out to collect the tailed beasts within all nine tailed beast hosts strewn across the land. It was quite obvious what he intended to do.

Revive the Akatsuki.

Chakra Natures:


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Kisaragi, Oshino Empty Re: Kisaragi, Oshino

Post by Kotetsu Kaguya on Sun Jul 26, 2015 10:00 am


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