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Yui Nishino

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Yui Nishino Empty Yui Nishino

Post by Yui on Sat Jul 25, 2015 2:12 pm

Name: Yui Hamada

Gender: Female

Clan or Family Heritage: Nishino

Age: 19

Appearance: Yui Nishino KOdFLGT

Personality: By her appearance, specifically her headband filled with flowers, it is no mistake that Yui  is a woman for nature. Although she does live in a rocky area, she still loves to experience the fresh air that roams about, and admire the beauty life offers, specifically plants and animals. This trait was taken from her mother, and she herself loves nature. Unlike her mother however, Yui  isn't too crazy with  nature. If a tree is taken down, she would have to respect that plants and animals aren't the dominants in this world, and in battles along with the environment. When it comes to comeback, Yui would have no time to feel the remorse towards the tree that see destroyed.  She'll admit that it is somewhat pointless to admire nature while it gets destroyed at the same time, but it's still nice to stop and breathe in the fresh air. Yui  could mostly be seen sitting around large rock pillars or even practicing her Lightning jutsus.

Also judging by the way she is dressed, Yui is elegant. She is an urbane woman, a woman who gets her work done, and a woman who knows when and how to react both respectively, and sometimes just plain out rude. With how she talks, Yui intends to speak civilized, showing her politeness and her ladylike side, whereas her ladylike side would obviously be shown through her fashion. Yui  prefers to wear clothing that are more feminine, like skirts, or knitted sweaters with autumn colors. She doesn't really mind if she tries to go for something new and doesn't bother judging how other people dress, considering that it's obviously none of her business, nor has the ability to simply persuade the person to change their look, no matter how hard her opinion can be. 

Speaking of opinions, Yui  is a down to earth woman. She has no problem giving advice to others, only with ending them with "I believe", "I think" and "In my opinion" just to give out that she's not too sure, but best to give it a shot. When it comes to trying to give advice, not only it would have to depend on what subject is being discussed about, but also there's a chance Yui might not be able to help, also depending on her experience. Though with opinions, she intends to be rather realistic with people, going with mainly first with most negatives or obstacles that might get in someone's way, and follow it up with a few positives Yui  would come up it. In this case, she can be mostly bleak with others, including with other authorities at a higher position or equal to it, proving that she won't be kind with her honest opinions, and showing that she can be judgmental Not all the time can she be bleak, however. Yui  would just be negative when necessary, and try to act up as an optimist.

Like her father, Yui can be rough to others, only when she needs to. This makes her lose her sophisticated side, and go for a more aggressive and defensive persona. However, Yui  would still manage to keep herself calm if she gets a little bit out of hand, having some self control in her.

Likes: Nature, Peace, Milk, Storms, Music, Art, Sleep

Dislikes: Snakes, Smoking, Drinking, Gamblers, Pranks being pulled on her, Immaturity, Rowdy People

Village: Kirigakure

Rank: Chunin

Classification: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu

Fame Ranking: C-Rank

Affiliations: Kirigakure

History: It's safe to say that Yui doesn't remember much when she just came into this world. The only thing she remembered was being raised by both a loving mother and father with a younger sister named Hajima. They both had dreams to achieve as they grew older, with Yui  wanting to become a Medical Nin much like her mother, and Hajima to be part of the ANBU like her father. This also explains the occupations their parents had. Right after Yui turned twelve and her sister turning nine, her mother had passed away, due to probably containing an illness that couldn't be helped with. Luckily enough from the cause, the two girls were still as healthy as ever. While the two girls were in safe conditions, Kiyoto was, on the other hand, not only sad, but also in grief. Because of his wife's death, he grew more carefree and careless, much from his strictness and concerns for his children's safety.

Taking a big jump through her academy years, Yui became a genin when she became 12, with Hajima being nine and still being an academy student.  Again, she didn't remember too much of her academy years, except she was merely, and fairly popular back then due to her natureish type of look, specifically with her multi-colored eyes. Some say that her parents must've had the same eyes for Yui  to get such colored eyes. The only fact that debunked the theory was that her father's eyes were green, while her mother's eyes were amber, thus creating the mixed color that is revealed in her eyes. It is however, unknown to how she managed to get a silver color somewhere on the bottom. Unlike Yui, Hajima's eyes were let alone green.

Yui was placed in a 3 man team, with two random genin and one jounin Both their names were Hikari and Hibari, typically stuck with twins who were typically opposites. Hikari was a shy and gentle person, while the other one was loud, active, social, and definitely someone who deserved a punch right in his face. The instructor was a woman named Yuna Sakurai who was like a mixture of the two twins: shy, but sometimes social and loud. It was an annoying team to be in, but Yui still managed to play along and work things out. The chuunin exams came along, with Yui  eventually ranking up to become a chuunin. Sadly enough, Hibari was still a genin while the other twin ranked up as well.

By 19, just a while after Yui became a chuunin, she heard rumors about hearing her father dying in a mission. While she refused to believe the rumor, she was later on informed about the truth, resulting with having both dead parents. This meant a lot of stress for both Yui and her sister. Not only they needed to get food and such, they also needed to take care of themselves while they're still young, as it wasn't the time to be sentimental and mourn for the loss of their father. Now was the time to act like adults and take care of their own, or at least each other. And that wasn't even the worst part. Nowadays, she can hear as if her father's haunting her inside her head, having some internal conflicts with herself when in reality, it's all just in Yui's imagination.

Chakra Natures: Lightning


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Yui Nishino Empty Re: Yui Nishino

Post by Atarashi Uchiha on Sat Jul 25, 2015 2:33 pm

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